Moon Chart & Moon Phase Maps

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    The Moon Map - based on a high resolution mosaic image created from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbitter images - names all objects that can easily be identified on the Moon; craters, minor craters, seas, mountains, rilles, faults, valleys and domes. Yellow text has been used so that it stands out against white and black backgrounds. 

    The Moon Map also features a crater index and an image of the Full Moon with ray craters and other features identified. The Moon Phase Maps includes 18 images of the waxing Moon with features marked along the terminator, the line between night and day on the Moon. These provide a better idea of how the Moon actually appears from day to day.

    Features of the Moon Map and Moon Phase Maps:
    - Map based on a highly detailed mosaic image taken from lunar orbit
    - All craters, seas, fauls, mountains and valleys indicated
    - Includes 18 images of the waxing phases of the Moon with features marked
    - Full index with coordinates of craters and days when they are most prominent 
    - Made in Australia by Astrovisuals  

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