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Yukon Signal N320RT Digital Night Vision

SKU: YUK-YU28062

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The Signal digital night vision monocular is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications including:
Outdoor observation
Search and rescue
Hunting & camping
Video recording and image capture
Sports and night navigation


Integrated Video Recorder
Capturing still images and video is seamless with the Signal’s built in video recorder. Image and video content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to PC or laptop via wired connection or wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet with the iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision App.

Live Streaming
Using the free, high tech, iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision app, the Signal connects via WiFi to allow transfer of images and video to smartphones and other wireless devices in real time. You can also stream footage to YouTube and other online video platforms (depending on model), and even use your personal device as a wireless remote control!

Variable Magnification
Signal Digital Night Vision Scopes include base optical magnification of 4.5X, depending on model, while digital zoom also provides 2X magnification. Even at maximum optical magnification and digital zoom, the sensor and display deliver rich, high quality imaging.

Built In Long Range Infrared Illuminator
The device comes equipped with a powerful, built in 850 nm IR illuminator. Multi-stage adjustability ensures you have the perfect amount of IR illumination in virtually any environment.

Lightweight & Compact
The Signal’s lightweight, compact design makes it a perfect option for continual use.

Long Distance Observation
High night sensitivity, robust magnification and a powerful built in IR illuminator combine to make the Signal Scope the perfect tool for target detection at distances more than 300 meters.

Daytime Compatibility
Digital night vision devices can be operated in daylight without fear of immediate or long term damage. They are also not damaged by artificial illumination such as car headlights or street lights. To reduce light transfer into the unit’s objective lens during daytime operation, the lens cover includes a light filter. The result is decreased brightness, increased contrast and more comfortable viewing.

Self Contained & External Power Supplies
Signal Digital Night Vision Scopes operate on both readily available AA batteries. Additionally, external power banks can be attached via a micro-USB connection. When using the Signal at low temperatures, the power supply can be kept in a warm place like under clothing, to prevent rapid discharge.

Display Off
During short periods of inactivity and for better concealment, "Display Off" powers down the Signal’s screen without interrupting other operating functions. Using "Display Off" means a much faster restart time when you need it most.

Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 780 nm, mW, not more than - 7·10^-5
Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 915 nm, mW, not more than - 3.5·10^-4
Sensor Type CMOS
Camera resolution, 640x480 pixels
Display type LCD
Display Resolution, 640x480 pixels
Magnification, 4.5 / 9.0X
Lens diameter, 28mm
Field of View, 7.7 degree
Exit Pupil, 14mm
Diopter adjustment, ± 5 dptr.
Minimum focusing distance, 5m
Range of recognition, 350m
Built-In Video Recorder Availability yes
Format of video clip .avi
Resolution of video clip 320x240 | 640х480
Format of photo files .jpg
Resolution of photo files 320х240 | 640х480 | 1280х960
Type & max capacity of memory card SD / 8 Gb
Approximate capacity of memory card, 40 minutes/Gb
Built-in IR-illuminator, type yes
Emitter LED
IR Wavelenght, 850nm
IR Illuminator’s beam divergence angle, 10 degree
Power supply, 4 ÷ 6.5 V
Battery Type 4xAA
External Power Supply Power Bank, 5В (microUSB)
Operating Temperature, -15 ÷ +50 °C
Tripod Mount, 1/4 inch
Type of Accessory Mounting Rails Weaver
Dimensions, 168x111x56 mm
Weight, 0.35kg

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