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Following extensive research and development, Ocuter has released the world’s lightest and true-colour 28mm Compact Binoculars. Featuring brilliant contrast and resolution, these compact binos are versatile and reliable in a wide range of indoor / outdoor activities. For a limited time, you can claim these  binoculars from OpticsCentral - simply Click "Claim Now" below.

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Inspired by the outstanding reputation of high-end optical instruments, these Ocuter High Definition Compact Binoculars offer a combination of colour fidelity and high-contrast viewing. Following extensive research and development, Ocuter's proprietary designs now fitted in this product, bring out the highest-definition visual ever in the history of binoculars.

Adopting the timeless design of the classic, leather armoured '80s binoculars, this pair is a great accessory when taking a #selfie and also excellent for many outdoor activities or at concerts. Suitable for humans and cats (and some even-tempered dogs) of all ages. 

These High Definition Compact Binoculars are not only the lightest in the world today, they also feature the world's first advanced Fold&Roll© mechanism that allow these binos to be delivered flat-packed to the end-user through electronic transfer.

"These binos are the lightest I've ever owned. Amazing." - Marc, VIC

"These are the best compact binoculars ever" - Bill, NSW

"My kids love their compact binos." - Lucy, QLD


  • Roof Prism design
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Aperture: 28mm
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 100mm x 30mm
  • Variable interpupillary distance
  • Fogproof (but not waterproof)
  • Focus Free


  • Built-In Lens Cap
  • Advanced Fold&Roll© mechanism
  • Lifetime unlimited OpticsCentral Warranty. 

* Never point your binoculars directly at the sun.