Telescopes Open Night 2024


An Evening with Lunar: Optics Central's Telescope Public Viewing Night 2024

Optics Central invites you to celebrate our annual Public Telescope Viewing Night for 2024

Saturday 7th of September 2024 | 7pm - 10pm | 8/23 Cook Rd Mitcham, 3132


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Please note that the date of this event is subject to change in the event of poor weather. If we need to reschedule the event, you will be notified via email through Eventbrite.


About This Event


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Optics Central invites you to join An Evening With Lunar.

Help us celebrate our annual telescope viewing night! Bring your family and friends and get ready to be blown away by the marvels of our solar system and beyond. The event is FREE for all! Just remeber to book your free spot. Event starts 7pm 7th September 2024. 

We'll have an incredible array of telescopes and binoculars on display, allowing you to gaze at the moon's craters and explore the vast night sky. You will be amazed by the stunning views of the moon, planets, nebulas, galaxies and other celestial objects!


What To Expect 

The night will be packed full of fun activites and educational demonstrations about astronomy. Attendees will have access to a wide range of reflector, refractor and computerised Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes in order to view the endless wonders of space. Our friendly staff will also be there to help guide you and answer any questions you may have. We'll also hold a live telescope demonstration where you will be able to learn how to set up and use a telescope. You'll be an expert in no time!


A Perfect Night for Eveyone! Guaranteed ASTRONOMICAL FUN!

Bring your kids along for a valued introduction into astronomy and get them excited about the science. There will be numerous astronomy experts around ready to bestow their wisdom.

We will be creating an Astro Collage, where the kids can add their unique tastes and creations to a collective piece of art. Additionally, kids can participate in a range of activities to keep them entertained such as colouring in stations and fun games like 'Rockets and Comets'. 


A Special Treat For The Astronomy Enthusiasts 

Calling all amateur astronomers and avid astrophotographers! Have you ever wondered about astrophotography? Or how live-stacking works? We've got you covered! Join us for a live-stacking tutorial hosted by one of our acclaimed astrophotographers. Watch the images come to life before your eyes and expand your knowledge of photographing the night sky.


Moon Photo Contest - Telescope Prize 

All attendees can participate in the Best Moon Photo Contest where you'll need to pair the saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter 3s with your smartphone to take a photo of the Moon through a telescope of your choice. Submit your images by posting them on our Facebook page with the hashtag #bestmoonphoto. Winner will be announced at the end of the night and awarded with a Saxon F767AZ Newtonian Reflector Telescope.


Exclusive Deals!

We genuinely value your attendance and support. To show our gratitude, we're offering exclusive discounts on a selection of items throughout our store. Don't miss out on these awesome deals - Join us and save!



7:00pm - 10pm Telescope Viewing With Set-Up & Demonstration
7:00pm - 10:00pm Best Moon Photo Competition 
7:30pm - 9:30pm Astro Collage
8:30pm - 9:30pm Live Stacking Tutorial 
9:30pm - 9:45pm  Best Moon Photo winner announced 
10:00pm Event End 


Please direct any enquiries to our email ( or phone (1300 884 763). We look forward to seeing you - RSVP by securing your free ticket below!