Optex 100x Oil Objective for Biological Microscopes

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The Optex 100x oil objective lens acts as a portal, magnifying the unseen world by a staggering 100 times. This powerhouse lens unveils the intricate details of cells, organisms and microscopic structures, recommended for researchers, students, and microscopy enthusiasts.

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    Imagine peering into the heart of a living cell, witnessing the intricate dance of organelles or the delicate structure of a microorganism. With the Optex 100x, these marvels become tangible realities. The lens harnesses the power of oil immersion, where a specialized oil bridges the gap between the lens and the specimen. This technique minimizes light scattering, resulting in unparalleled clarity and resolution at such high magnifications.

    Accessibility and Affordability:

    Unlike its premium counterparts, the Optex 100x often boasts a more budget-friendly price tag. This makes it an attractive option for students, hobbyists, or those seeking to expand their exploration into the microscopic realm without breaking the bank. While primarily designed for the Optex XSP91-06E microscope, it may also fit standard biological compound microscopes with universal DIN objectives. However, compatibility verification is crucial before purchase.

    Balancing Power with Precision:

    The immense magnification of the Optex 100x comes with certain considerations. The working distance – the space between the lens and the specimen – is minuscule, typically around 0.2mm. This demands meticulous handling and a steady hand to avoid damaging the lens or the delicate specimen. Additionally, oil immersion necessitates proper cleaning techniques to prevent residue buildup and maintain optimal image quality.

    A Glimpse into a Narrow World:

    Due to the high magnification, the field of view offered by the Optex 100x is inherently narrow. This necessitates precise focusing and careful navigation of the specimen to capture the desired details. Patience and practice become key companions when wielding this powerful tool.

    The Verdict: A Gateway to Microscopic Discovery

    The Optex 100x oil objective lens presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking to delve deeper into the microscopic world. Its affordability and compatibility make it an accessible option for beginners and students, while its impressive magnification caters to the curiosity of more experienced users. However, the short working distance and oil immersion requirements demand meticulous handling and proper technique. Ultimately, the Optex 100x acts as a gateway, unlocking a realm of hidden wonders for those willing to embrace its unique demands.

    Remember, consulting the manufacturer's specifications and compatibility information before purchasing is crucial. Consider your experience level and intended use when choosing a high-magnification objective lens. Finally, proper care and cleaning are essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of this powerful tool.

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