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This bundle is designed for those who are after a more sophisticated rig. Specifically crafted for those interested in capturing deep sky objects, it caters to individuals seeking enhanced imaging capabilities. Whether transitioning to an advanced setup or focusing on deep sky imaging, this bundle provides a comprehensive solution. Geared towards serious astrophotography, it seamlessly integrates advanced features for capturing detailed images of deep sky objects. Ideal for those moving to a more sophisticated rig, it meets the demands of astrophotographers committed to exploring the depths of the cosmos. Balancing advanced capabilities with deep sky imaging, this bundle facilitates a smooth transition to a more serious Astrophotography experience.

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    Skywatcher Esprit Triplet 120/840 f7 ED Triplet Refractor Telescope OTA Only: High-quality astrophotography telescope with 120mm aperture and 840mm focal length, designed for sharp, clear images using an ED triplet lens to reduce chromatic aberration.
    Skywatcher 0.77x Wide FOV Field Flattener / Reducer for Esprit 120: Specifically designed for the Skywatcher Esprit 120 telescope, this field flattener and reducer reduce the focal length, enabling easier capture of wide-field images while correcting distortions.
    Saxon AZEQ6 GT Equatorial Mount: Precision equatorial mount with a 20kg payload capacity, built-in autoguider port, and smooth tracking for capturing long-exposure images of celestial objects.
    Saxon Pier Extension for NEQ6 / AZEQ6 (SAX-610006): Sturdy 8-inch pier extension compatible with Saxon NEQ6 and AZEQ6 equatorial mounts, providing additional height for larger telescopes.
    ZWO ASIAIR 256GB: Powerful astrophotography tool with 256GB storage capacity, designed for easy image capture and compatibility with various cameras and telescopes.
    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro: High-quality monochrome camera with a 26-megapixel sensor, USB 3.0 interface, and exceptional capability for capturing stunning astrophotography images.
    Saxon Helical Focuser Guidescope: High-quality guidescope with a helical focuser for accurate tracking, featuring a crosshair reticle for easy centering of celestial objects.
    ZWO ASI120MM mini: Entry-level astrophotography camera with AR0130CS CMOS sensor, suitable for planetary imaging and auto guiding. Features low read noise, high dynamic range, AR protective window, and affordability.
    ZWO 2in Narrowband filter set: High-quality narrowband filter to block light pollution, enabling clear images of celestial objects.
    ZWO 7 Position 2-inch Filterwheel: Filter wheel to easily switch between 7 filters for astrophotography without manual replacement.
    ZWO EAF: Electronic focuser for smooth and accurate telescope focusing during image capture.
    ZWO Hand controller for EAF: Intuitive hand controller designed for seamless control of the ZWO EAF electronic focuser.
      12V 5A Power supply for the AZEQ6 mount: High-quality power adapter that ensures a stable and reliable power source essential for accurate slewing of the mount.
      12V Dew Heater Strip For 80mm OTA: Quality dew heater strip preventing dew formation on telescope optics, designed for telescopes with an aperture of 80mm.
    More Information
    Optical DesignAPO Refractor
    Focal Length840mm
    Focal Ratiof/7
    Highest Magnification240x
    Mount TypeGerman Equatorial
    Dovetail TypeLosmandy
    Finderscope MakeSkywatcher
    Tube Length840mm
    Electronic Hand ControlYes
    Motor DriveYes
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