OpticsCentral Advanced Planetary Astroimaging Telescope Bundle 2

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This bundle is designed for individuals prepared to transition to a more advanced Astrophotography rig. Specifically crafted for capturing planets and distant galaxies, it caters to those aiming to explore the wonders of astronomical imaging. Geared towards serious astrophotography, it seamlessly integrates advanced features for capturing the richness of deep sky objects. Ideal for those exploring alternative options for a sophisticated rig, it meets the demands of photographers committed to unveiling the mysteries of the Universe. Balancing advanced capabilities with a focus on planetary and galactic imaging.

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    Celestron Evolution 8: Computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with 8-inch aperture, rechargeable battery, StarBright XLT coatings, GoTo mount, and USB charge port.
    SCT to M48 Adapter: Connects accessories with 2" SCT female threads to M48 male threads, featuring male 2" SCT and female M48 x 0.75 threads.
    ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256GB Model: Smart WiFi controller for telescope mount, autoguiding, dew strips, electronic focusers, etc. Compact, lightweight aluminium design with built-in WiFi antenna, DC-12V indicators, and Type-C USB port.
    ZWO ASI290MM: Monochrome CMOS imaging camera for lunar, solar, and planetary imaging. 1936 x 1096 pixels, 2.9 μm pixel size, 12-bit ADC, over 80% QE, low read noise, high dynamic range, and AR protective window.
    ZWO 7 Position 2" Electronic Filter Wheel: Holds up to seven 2" threaded or 50.4 mm unthreaded filters. Japanese-made stepper motor, CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminium, USB-powered.
    ZWO 2in LRGB filters: Enhance colour balance and contrast of deep-sky objects. High-quality Schott glass, multi-layer coating, scratch-resistant, over 95% transmittance.
    ZWO EAF Standard: Electronic automatic focuser for various telescopes. 2.5" diameter, 10mm linear range, USB or hand controller control.
    ZWO EAF for C8: Electronic automatic focuser specifically for Celestron C8 telescopes. 2.5" diameter, 10mm linear range, USB or hand controller control.
    ZWO Hand controller for EAF: Hand controller with 2.8-inch colour screen and USB port to adjust focus position, speed, and direction for ZWO EAF.
    ZWO 12V 5A Power Adapter for Cooled Cameras: Power adapter for ZWO cooled cameras with 2.1mm centre-positive plug, 100-240V input, and 12V, 5A output.
    M48 spacer kit (30mm, 20mm, 15mm, 12mm, 10mm, 7mm, 5mm, and 3mm): Set of eight M48 spacers for adjusting spacing between camera and accessories of various thicknesses.
    Celestron Dew Heater Ring, 8": Dew heater ring for preventing dew on Celestron 8" telescope. 12V DC power requirement, compatible with Advanced VX, CGEM II, CGX, and CGX-L mounts.
    More Information
    Optical DesignSchmidt Cassegrain (EdgeHD)
    Focal Length2032mm
    Focal Ratiof/10
    Mount TypeAlt-Azimuth Nexstar Evolution Single Fork Arm Mount
    Dovetail TypeCelestron
    Eyepiece 140mm
    Eyepiece 213mm
    Finderscope MakeCelestron
    Tube Length2032mm
    Electronic Hand ControlYes
    Motor DriveYes
    Warranty Information2 years
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