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Ideal for individuals aiming to capture images of deep space objects, this bundle caters to both portability and performance, whether you're on the go or going to remote locations, this bundle ensures a seamless Astrophotography experience. Geared towards enthusiasts who aspire to image deep space, it strikes a balance between mobility and imaging capabilities.

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    Skywatcher Evolux 62ED: Ideal for travel-friendly astrophotography, the Skywatcher Evolux 62ED refractor telescope boasts a 62mm aperture and 400mm focal length and weighs 2.5kg. The telescope uses new ED (Extra-low-dispersion) glass for minimal colour fringing. With a retractable dew shield and dual-speed focuser, it's compatible with equatorial mounts, perfect for deep-sky astrophotography. This telescope comes with a bonus of including a heavy-duty aluminium case for protection when you travel.
    Skywatcher Evolux Field Flattener/0.9 Reducer: A must-have for sharp night sky images, this corrector reduces field curvature and coma. Built specifically for the Skywatcher Evolux 62OTA
    The Skywatcher Star Adventurer GTI GOTO kit is a portable and versatile equatorial that can handle most light payloads with ease, including telephoto lenses and shorter focal-length telescopes. Featuring a built-in illuminated polar scope for precision alignment in EQ mode, ports for USB, autoguider, V-style dovetail, optional SynScan hand controller, and SNAP shutter control for your DSLR. You can control this mount using the SynScan Pro app (Android/iOS/PC) or the Skywatcher's SynScan Hand Controller (sold separately). The mount has a payload capacity of 5kg and weighs 2.6kg. It also comes with a retractable dewshield for compact handling and storage.
    The ZWOASI553MC Pro camera is a high-performance deep sky colour camera. It features a Sony IMX533 CMOS sensor with a resolution of 9 megapixels and a pixel size of 3.76 microns. This sensor has a high quantum efficiency of 80%. The camera also has a zero amp. The camera also has a thermoelectric cooling system that keeps the temperature below ambient level.
    ZWO ASI120MM mini: Compact and lightweight, this monochrome astronomy camera is perfect for auto guiding, lunar and planetary imaging. With a 1/3" CMOS sensor and high frame rate, it's easy to use and compatible with most telescopes.
    ZWO ASIAIR 32GB: A smart WiFi device for controlling ASI cameras and most equatorial mounts with a smartphone or tablet. Easy to set up, it includes a 32GB eMMC for storage as well as saving to a USB thumbdrive.
    ZWO 30F4 Guidescope: Compact and lightweight guidescope with a 30mm aperture and 120mm focal length. Ideal for guiding during long-exposure astrophotography.
    ZWO Finder Shoe Groove for Holder Ring and ASIAIR PRO: Essential for attaching a finder scope to your telescope, this shoe is compatible the ASIAIR Plus.
    Celestron Powertank Pro: A portable power supply with a 12V 5A car battery port and two 5V USB ports. Perfect for powering telescopes and accessories, it includes a built-in flashlight and a red filter for dark navigation.
      12V Dew Heater Strip For 60mm OTA and 2-inch Eyepieces: Prevent dew on telescope optics with this strip designed for 60mm OTA and 2-inch eyepieces. A must-have for astrophotographers on a cold night.
    More Information
    Optical DesignED Refractor
    Focal Length400mm
    Focal Ratiof/6.5
    Mount TypeGerman Equatorial
    Dovetail TypeVixen
    Tube Length400mm
    Electronic Hand ControlNo
    Motor DriveYes
    Warranty Information2 years
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