Optolong CLS CCD Filter - EOS C

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  • Broadband filter designed for deep sky viewing and astrophotography
  • Ideal for sub-rural locations with moderate light pollution
  • Reduces unwanted skyglow and light pollution from artificial light sources, particularly mercury vapour lamps. 
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    The Optolong CLS CCD Filter - EOS C is a clip-in filter for Canon EOS DSLR Cameras for deep sky imaging. This filter is a broadband CCD imaging filter used to improve contrast on deep sky objects by reducing the effects of ambient light while accepting desirable emission nebulae wavelengths. 

    The Optolong CLS CCD Filter clips into Canon EOS DSLRs at an ultra thin 1mm thickness. The filter then:

    • Blocks artificial light from mercury capour lamps, both high and low pressure sodium vapour lights and the unwated natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (aka. "skyglow")
    • Works transparent with main nebula emission lines: OIII, H-beta, NII, H-alpha as well as SII

    The Optolong CLS CCD Filter is ideal for sub-rural areas with moderate light pollution. Without the need for a separate UV/IR filter, the CLS CCD filter can also cut off infra-red and ultraviolet wavelengths. 

    Compared to standard light pollution filters, the Optolong CLS CCD Filter - EOS C improves contrast of emission nebulae therefore making it a superior choice for deep sky astrophotography. 


    About Optolong

    Optolong Optics is a specialist manufacturer of astronomy and astrophotography filters that are adored by astrophotographers worldwide since it was established in 1999. Particularly famous for their bandpass narrowband filters, “L-Pro” , "L-eXtreme" and "L-eNhance” which enables high quality imaging from simple one shot colour cameras, it’s hard to find a serious astrophotographer that has not longed for an Optolong filter in their tool kit. 

    Product Code: OPT-11903

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