Optolong CLS Filter - 1.25-inch


- Reduces unwanted skyglow from artificial light sources such as street lamps

- Accepts nebulae emissions around OIII, H-alpha, H-beta, SII and NII

- Suitable for use in areas with moderate light pollution

- 2mm Glass Thickness in Metal Cell Housing 

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    The Optolong CLS (City Light Suppression) Filter is a broadband filter used to reduce "skyglow" caused by unncessary wavelengths from artificial light sources, particularly mercury vapour lamps and street lights whilst accepting desirable nebulae emissions.This makes the Optolong CLS Filters a very effective filter for viewing and photographing deep sky objects.

    - Transparent at O-III (496nm and 500nm), H-beta (486nm), NII (654nm and 658nm), H-Alpha (656nm)and SII (672nm) wavelengths. 

    - Suitable for use with telescope eyepieces, cameras, colour CCD cameras and unmodifued DSLR cameras

    - Special multi-layer anti-reflection coating

    - Schott monolithic optical subscrate construction

    - 2mm glass thickness

    Built with fully multi-coated durable Schhott monolithic optical substrate, the Optolong CLS Filters is encased in a high quality thin 2mm metal filter cell. When not in use, the provided plastic storage case keeps your filter safe and sound. .  

    The Optolong CLS Filter range is available in 1.25", 2", EOS C and EOS Full Frame. 

    About Optolong

    Optolong Optics is a specialist manufacturer of astronomy and astrophotography filters that are adored by astrophotographers worldwide since it was established in 1999. Particularly famous for their bandpass narrowband filters, “L-Pro” , "L-eXtreme" and "L-eNhance” which enables high quality imaging from simple one shot colour cameras, it’s hard to find a serious astrophotographer that has not longed for an Optolong filter in their tool kit. 

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