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Note: The Nikon Full Frame version of the L-Pro is not compatible with the D850.

The EOS Full Frame version is not compatible with the 6D Mark II or 5D Mark IV.

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    Optolong L-Pro is multi-bandpass filter which offers better color balance by maximizing the transmission band. The balanced transmission allows astrophotos to be taken with minimal color cast to broadband emission objects such as galaxies, reflection nebulae and globular star clusters. L-Pro is the best choice for light pollution suppression.

    Technical Data

    Optical glass fine material

    Spectrum: 380-750nm

    Surface Quality: 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)

    Fine-optically polished to ensure accurate 1/4 wavefront and < 30 seconds parallelism over the both surfaces

    High transmission at major nebula emission lines (i.e. H-alpha 656nm, OIII 496nm&500nm, SII 672nm and H-beta 486nm).

    Precision off-band blocking, specifically the major emission lines of artificial light pollution (i.e. Na 589nm, Hg 435nm and 578nm).

    The major emission lines of Nebula
    Ha 656.3nm
    Hb 486.1nm

    The major emission lines of Artificial Light Pollutuion
    Hg 435.8nm 546.1nm 577nm 578 .1nm
    Na 598nm 589.6nm 615.4nm 616.1nm

    ·Multi-layers anti-reflection coating

    ·Non-cementing optical substrate coating

    ·Optolong L-Pro filter adopts precision coating based on Ion-assisted deposition coating technology for durability and resistance to scratching, as well as stability on CWL(central wavelength) no deviation affected by temperature change.

    ·Planetary rotation system offers precision and homogeneity of coatings ensuring high value on transmission of pass-band and Optical density of off-band.

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