Orion 11.63-inch Full Aperture Glass Solar Filter for 10-inch SCT

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The Orion Glass Solar Filters are solar filters with a difference. Most solar filters on the market look cheap, flimsy in appearance because they are made with a film. The Orion Glass Solar Filters on the other hand are full aperture solar filters made with glass, these are the on another level, they are high class, high quality and trust-worthy.

The 11.63" filter will fit telescopes with outer diameter of 11.38"-11.63" (289.05mm- 295.40mm)

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    The Sun is the only celestial object hazardous to the observer, it is important to note that without proper protection, even a glimps of the Sun through a telescope or binoculars can permanantly damage the eyes and the equipment.

    While more economical aperture solar filters are made of Mylar plastic, glass filters leave the Sun with a more natural tint, as well as more durable.

    These Orion Glass Solar Filters are a must have for observing the sun through a telescope, as they block out 99.9% of incoming sunlight.

    The Orion filters are mounted in an aluminum cell that creates a snugly fit over the front of your telescope. They will fit diameters up to 0.25" smaller with foam tape liner supplied.

    Which Solar Filter Fits My Scope?

    Determining the Correct Orion Glass Solar Filter for your Telescope

    Installing the Orion Glass Solar Filter on Your Telescope

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