Orion Precision Centering Adapter - 1.25-inch

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  • Orion's versatile eyepiece adapter tool.
  • Suitable for many purposes: it centers any 1.25" eyepiece, collimating tool, astrophotography nosepiece or any 1.25" to 2" accessories.
  • Better than thumbscrew equipped adapters in terms of centering precisely which will not disrupt the telescope's light path
  • Threaded for use with 2" Orion eyepiece and astrophotography filters
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    Get the best performance out of your telescope! The Orion 2" to 1.25" Precision Centering Adapter is here to help. This Orion 2" to 1.25" adapter perfectly centers any 1.25" accessories.

    The standard 2" to 1.25" adapters use thumbscrews to secure inserted accessories, this pushes the inserted barrel off-center which disrupts the telescope's light-path.

    This centering adapter is beneficial for many kinds of telescope users:

    Optically fast focal ration telescope users will enjoy this piece of equipment where finding an eyepiece's "sweet spot" focus position is crucial for obtaining optimal visual result. You'll get wonderfully sharp, centered views every time.

    For reflector telescope this equipment will make collimation a breeze. When performing a collimation adjustment this centering device will help you properly align the telescope's optics. The collimation results will be delightfully accurate.

    Astrophotographers will also enjoy the benefits of this centering adapter because it ensures that any 1.25" astrophotography accessories are exactly centered on the telescope's light path to help you capture high quality images.

    What's more is that this centering adapter's 2" barrel is threaded for use with 2" astrophotography filters for easy enhancement

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