Orion 1.25-inch Dielectric Mirror Diagonal 90 Degrees

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  • Manufactured with lab-tested dielectric coating which features 99% reflectivity, meaning high image contrast for users
  • More durable and refliective than conventional mirror diagonals
  • 90-degree viewing orientation ensures comfort while observing with a refractor, Maksutov-Cassegrain or Schmit-Cassergrain telescopes.
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    The major disadvantage of mirror diagonals is that unless the reflective coating is properly applied they can scatter light rendering lower image contrast. The good thing is the Orion dielectric mirror diagonal largely solves this problem, providing you with crisp and high contrast imaging when observing your favourite sky objects.

    With such a high reflectivity (99%), your views of the starry skies are bright, detailed and full of contrast. 

    Dielectric mirror coating are durable and high-quality, making sure you can enjoy years of exceptional performance without degradation.

    Coatings Dielectric

    Optical Quality

    Diffraction Limited
    Filter Threads Yes
    Compression Rings Yes
    Weight 198g
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