Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket

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  • Converts your single finder scope bracket to dual finder scope bracket for extra aiming help
  • Ideal for use in combination of two aiming devices such as finder scope, red-dot reflex sights, green laser pointer brackets, mini guide scopes and more
  •  Important for amateur astronomers to help them aim their telescopes accurately
  • Great for both visual observers and astrophotographers.
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    Having two finder scope devices constituts greate help for aiming your telescope accurately.

    For example, using a magnified optical finder scope in conjunction with a non-magnifying reflex sight is very common due to the different aiming benefits offered by both designs. This is an especially popular combination since many straight-through optical finders yield a reversed left-to-righ view, whereas a reflex sight doesn't reverse the orientation of stars and objects in its viewing window. With this combination, you can use the reflex sight to turn your telescope towards a recognisable object in the sky; then use the reversed, but brighter and more detailed view in the magnified optical finder to fine-tune the aim of your telescope. This dual finder scope mounting bracket makes it easy to use two aiming devices on one telescope, no more hassle.

    There is no point in considering drilling a fresh set of holes into the telescope tube just to get another dovetail mounting base for your existing telescope set up. Orion dual  finder scope mounting plate offers the easy solution for turning your existing mounting base set up into a dual mounting base in an easy manner.

    With this dual finder scope mounting bracket you can enjoy the accuracy of the autoguider in your astrophotos, as well as visually confirm tracking accuracy by attaching an auto-guiding system and a finder scope on one telescope

    Compatible with most telescopes with a Dovetail base.

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