Orion Heating Band 50mm - 2-inch Eyepiece

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Never stop your viewing due to condensation again! Use this Orion Heating Band for 2" Eyepieces with the Orion Dew Zapper Pro to keep your optics dry while you enjoy the night sky.

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    Note: This listing refers to the Heating Band 50mm, built for use with 2" Eyepieces. 

    Condensation is among one of the worst frustrations for amateur astronomers world-wide! With the Orion Heating Band series, your telescope, eyepieces and finderscope will be protected from dew or condensation that clouds your view. With 5 sizes built for eyepieces, small through to large aperture telescopes, there is a Orion Heating Band for every use.

    The Orion Heating Band is to be used in conjunction with the Orion Dew Zapper Pro (sold separately), an advanced dew prevention system that maintains stable temperature control, with 4 heater outputs with its own temperature control knob, and a red light indicator for safety. Each Heating Band may be plugged into the Orion Dew Zapper Pro for operation.

    Made in the USA. 


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    Orion 4-Channel Dew Zapper Pro Control Orion 4-Channel Dew Zapper Pro Control Used to monitor up to 4 Orion Heating Bands with an all-in one control box.  Add to Cart Button


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