Orion Variable Polarising Filter - 2-inch

  • Dramatically reduces glare on large aperture telescopes
  • Natural colour representation with no alteration
  • 2" threaded metal filter cell screws directly on your eyepieces 
  • Only allows 13% of light throughput for higher contrast viewing
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    Owning a telescope with a large aperture (6” or more) may result in increased glare when looking at bright celestial objects. This glare can prevent you from getting true detail out of planetary objects, such as the moons rocky surface.

    The Orion 2” Moon Filter will block 87% of overpowering light allowing for much greater detailed planetary observations. This inexpensive filter will screw directly onto any of your favourite 1.25” eyepieces, allowing you to study the moon in greater detail without altering the colour representation.

    Ideal for all skill levels, the Orion 2” Moon Filter will dramatically increase your viewing experience and let you see the moon like never before.

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