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Orion RockStable II Anti-Vibration Pads for Telescope Mounts

SKU: ORN-05156

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  • Simple to use anti-vibration pads to minimise shake

  • A more stable view through your telescopes or mounted binoculars.

  • Comes with 3 anti-vibration pads to put under each tripod leg

  • Ideal for telescope use on a deck or a patio where shake is common.

  • Results in high quality pictures as well as a more stable view

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Orion brings the goods with these RockStable II Anti-Vibration Pads, no more frustration from shaky tripods.

These anti-vibration pads will bring you more stable views as well as better quality images through your telescopes or binoculars. vibrations can be a result of an unstable platform, light tripod legs and wind gusts. Excessive vibrations can make it very challenging to obtain a steady magnified view, especially for dim objects that goes out of your field of view easily.

Also beneficial for use on a deck or patio where shake is common.

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