Orion SkyGlow Imaging Filter - 1.25-inch

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  • Astrophotography filter
  • Improves light-polluted skies when conducting deep space astrophotography with CCD or DSLR cameras.
  • Blocks out up to 99% or transmission of light of specific wavelengths that are responsible for light pollution.
  • Improves images qualityv and contrast of deep-sky objects such as galaxies, nebulas and star clusters.
  • Preserves neutral colour balance, no dramatic, un-realistic colours
  • Enables longer astrohotograic exposure times wihtout background saturation due to sky glow.
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    Ideal for any astrophotographers who live in suburban or city areas.

    This Orion imaging filter is design to selective block out unwanted wavelengths light pollution is responsible, while letting light emitted from deep-sky objects shine trhough. The resulted images have increased contrast and are clearer.

    With the white light spectrum remains largely intact, the use of an imaging filter enables longer exposure times without background saturation, the colour balance remain neutral and not affected.

    The Orion SkyGlow Astrophotography Filter has a threaded aluminum cell and is available in 1.25" and 2" sizes. This 1.25" filter threads into the nosepiece of our StarShoot CCD and similar cameras. The 2" filter fits Orion 2" accessories, including the 2" Zero-Profile camera Adapter that couples a DSLR camera body with T-ring to a 2" focuser.

    SkyGlow filters are the quick and easy solution for light polluted skies

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