Orion StarShoot G3 Deep Space Monochrome Astronomy Camera

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    The Orion StarShoot™ G3 Monochrome camera lets you take high-quality 16-bit images utilising features only available on imagers 4x the price of the G3.

    The Starshoot G3 uses a Sony Interline ICX419AKL colour CCD chip with 8.6 microns by 8.6-micron pixels and a 752 x 582-pixel array. The ½” format CCD sensor, is that found in higher-end CCD camera and provides a much larger imaging field compared to a standard ⅓” format chips. The result is more sky can be captured in less time.

    What really makes the Orion StarShoot G3 Monochrome camera shine, is the thermoelectric cooling (TEC) system. The cooling system dramatically increases the quality of your images by reducing the noise level within your image by enabling dark frame acquisition (see pictures for example).  

    The TEC regulator can cool the StarShoot G3 to a brisk 10 degrees below ambient temperature. This dramatically helps reduce noise in dark frames and exposure. The built-in fan extracts warm air keeping the circuitry nice and cool, a feature only found on the top imaging cameras.

    The Orion StarShoot G3 Monochrome camera comes bundled with Orion’s exclusive Astroimaging software. This powerful editing program makes it easy to capture images, edit, process and save them to be shared with family and friends. Orion has included Ascom drivers so your G3 will be compatible with existing popular imaging software such as Nebulosity, ImagePlus and many more.

    The Orion Starshoot G3 Monochrome camera can also be used as a high-performance Autoguider through direct ST-4 output. The Ascom drivers let you use pre-existing auto guiding software such as PHD guiding.

    Featuring a removable 1.25” nosepiece, the Orion StarShoot G3 Monochrome can fit virtually any telescope focuser. The removable 1.25” nosepiece is threaded to securely fit any Astro imaging filters to enhance your images. When you remove the 1.25” nosepiece you’ll reveal the built-in  2” barrel with standard t-threads.

    The Orion Starshoot G3 comes with an included 10' USB 2.0 cable and a 10' auto lighter power cable providing 12V DC power to the onboard cooling TEC. External power is only required for the TEC operation.

    The Orion StarShoot G3 will fit perfectly in any accessory weighing only 340g and measuring 3.4” in diameter and 1.85” in depth and is an absolute must, for anyone looking for a diverse Astro imaging camera.

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