Orion Jupiter Map & Observing Guide

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  • Packed with detailed information and tips on how you can optimise your views you jupiter
  • Listing all Jupiter oppositions, observable conjuntions from 2014 to 2020
  • Features an illustrated selection of rare Jovian moon events from 2014 to 2020
  • Durable, platic-laminated for extra protection against dirt and other elements.
  • Measures 25.25''x11'' when fully unfolded, and folds up to a 8.5'' x11'' book size for easy portability
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    This affordable Orion Jupiter Map & Observing Guide is an excellent investment for when you want to get more out of observing the amazing Jupiter and its moons.

    It would be rewarding to explore the largest planet in our solar system. Loaded with educational information and viewing tips this map offers you the help needed to get the most out of your observations on swirling storms, bold equatorial cloud belts and many more 

    Including recommendation for filter choices and events calender, this map is sure to impress a curious mind like you 

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