Orion Mars Map and Observing Guide

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  • Durable, plastic-laminated for extra protection against dirt and other elements.
  • Measures 25.25''x11'' (64cmx28cm) when fully unfolded, and folds to an easy portable book size of 8.5''x11'' (21.6cmx28)
  • Identifies features on Mars using classical albedo and modern nomenclature
  • Opposition and conjunction events from 2014 to 2020
  • Recommends apporpriate filters for visual observation as well as astrophotography of Mars
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    Fascinating features you need to know about the 'Red Planet' in our solar system

    This detailed map helps you locate and identify Martian featurs and it will help you learn about the planet.

    Useful for when you want to find out more about the mysterious red planet through your telescope

    You'll learn about information on dust clouds and storms. Martian seasons, polar ice caps and more. Accompanied with information on filter recommendations, this map is the perfect solution for a curious mind like you.

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