Orion Moon Map 260

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  • A must have for any curious minds who are fascinated by the Moon, the Earth's only natural satellite.
  • Over 260 lunar features, including valleys, craters, ancient lava flows, mountain ranges, landing sites and more
  • Laminated for protection against dirt and other elements
  • Measures 25.25" x 11" (64cm x 28cm) when fully unfolded, and folds up to 8.5" x 11" (21.6cm x  28cm) for easy portability.
  • Providing both correct-image and reversed mirror image maps of the moon for when you use your binocular, naked eyes or through any telescopes.
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    This MoonMap consists of simple to use features. Simply find the reference number of the lunar feature you wish to identify on the map, then look up its name using the mapp's numerical index; or vice versa

    Identifies plenty of the lunar surface featurs including craters, mountain rangers valleys, "seas" and more

    Compensates the different viewing orientation when looking through a pair of binoculars, with unaided eyes or through telescopes, MoonMap 260 provides correct-image maps as well as mirror image maps for easy identification

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