Petri Dish - Medium - 60mm

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Medium Petri Dish with a lid - 60mm

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    What is a petri dish?

    • A shallow, transparent dish with a lid, commonly made of clear plastic.
    • Invented by Julius Richard Petri, a German bacteriologist.
    • Also known as a Petri plate or cell-culture dish.

    What do scientists do with them?

    • The most common use is to cultivate bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.
    • Scientists add a nutrient-rich gel (like agar) to the dish, creating a suitable environment for growth.
    • Samples containing the microorganisms are then introduced, and the dish is sealed and incubated under controlled conditions (temperature, humidity).
    • Observing the growth patterns and characteristics of the microorganisms helps scientists identify, study, and understand them.

    Testing for antibiotic resistance:

    • Bacteria growing on an agar plate containing an antibiotic can reveal their resistance to that antibiotic.
    • If the bacteria survive and grow, it indicates resistance.
    • This information is crucial for developing effective treatments and managing infections.

    Studying cell behavior:

    • Petri dishes can also be used to culture animal or plant cells.
    • Scientists can observe cell growth, division, and response to various stimuli (drugs, chemicals, etc.).
    • This helps in understanding cell biology, disease processes, and potential drug development.

    Studying seed germination:

    • In some cases, petri dishes are used to study seed germination under controlled conditions.
    • This allows scientists to observe the early stages of plant growth and development.

    Other applications:

    • Petri dishes can also be used for environmental testing, detecting foodborne pathogens, and conducting genetic experiments.

    Important to note:

    • Working with petri dishes requires sterile techniques to prevent contamination.
    • The specific procedures and applications vary depending on the research goals.

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