QHY 174M-GPS Cooled GPS Monochrome Imaging Camera - Monochrome

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    The GPS based PrecisonTime function for star eclipse, meteor discovery, UFO recording and any other scientific exploring things which require extremely high timebase.
    QHY174 has dual stage TEC cooling, -45C below ambinet and fully anti-moisture functions which includes the CMOS optic window heater, and the removable silicon tube for CMOS chamber dry control.
    QHY174 has the 4pin QHYCFW2 colorwheel control port and 6pin autoguide port.
    QHY174 and an anti-amp glow function. It can reduce the IMX174 sensor's amplifier glow significantly in long exposure.
    The most interesting thing is the QHY174's optional Precision-time functions. It allow two QHY174 has the same timebase up to microseconds at anywhere of the world.
    QHY174 will record the gloable shutter exposure starting and ending time at the microsecond precision. The time base is sync to the GPS timing. So it is very high accurate. In order to guarantee the physical exposure start and ending time, QHY174 has a built-in LED pulse calibration circuit at the 1 microsecond (us)  precision.
    This function is coming of a small optional GPS module for QHY174. This module is tiny and can be installed inside the camera.
    Two working mode
    Master mode: The camera is free running and the internal 10MHz GPS synced clock will measure the shutter open and close time.
    Slave mode: You can input a target start time and the interval period of two frames. For example: You want three cameras in different position(maybe thousands of kilometer) to start exposure at 2016.3.9.UTC 14:00:00.000000 and the interval time is 0.100000sec.
    After you input this value. All the three camera will wait till this time and start video recording. The exposure time should be
    2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.000033
    2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.100033
    2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.200033
    2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.300033
    (The 0.00033 is a global delay of the cmos shutter).
    More Information
    Sensor Type IMX174
    Sensor Size 1/1.2"
    Pixel Size 5.86um
    Resolution 2MP (1920x1200)
    Colour / Monochrome Monochrome
    FPS 138fps
    Back Focus 17.5mm
    USB 3.0
    Operating System Compatibility Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
    Cooled? Yes
    Usage Guiding, Planetary Imaging, Deep Sky Imaging
    Camera Weight 450g
    Warranty Information 2 Years
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