QHY 178C Cooled CMOS Planetary Camera - Colour

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    The QHY178 uses Sony Exmor IMX178 CMOS sensor with 6.29 megapixel and 1/1.8 in chip.

    One of the most important feature on this camera is that it is cooled, which makes it perfect for long exposure sessions. The QHY178 has the capacity to cool 40ºC below ambient. Incorporated with anti-dew technology, the CMOS chamer is fully sealed and includes a silicon tube socket as well as a heater to avoid dew formation, so that users can enjoy a relaxed imaging session even on damp nights.

    Perfect for both planetary and deep-sky imaging, made with Sony Exmor CMOS sensor and a fast USB.3.0 interface, users can enjoy all levels of sky observation as this camera provides ultra sensitive and high frame rate photography capabilities.

    Built-in 4 pins filter wheel connector as well as  a 6 pins guiding port.

    Amp-glow suppression telenology to support a clearer background in long exposure sessions. This is particularly good for users who are looking to do deep sky imaging.

    What's in the Box?

    • QHY178C camera
    • USB3.0 cable (1.5m)
    • Self-locking power cable
    • 6-pin guide port
    • Car power adapter
    • Drying tube
    • Desicant
    • 1.25'' Nosepiece
    • M42/2'' Nosepiece
    • Download card
    • Inspection report
    USB Powered for camera and +12V powered for TEC
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