QHY 183M Cooled CMOS Astronomy Camera - Monochrome


1 inch format cooled CMOS Astro Imaging camera, capable of 4K Ultra-HD video output. 

This camera is suited to medium field deep-sky astro imaging with long exposures.

The especially small (2.4µm) pixel size means this camera is also well-suited to planetary imaging.

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    The QHY183M monochrome astro imaging camera is an excellent all-round choice for filter-based lunar, planetary and deep-sky astrophotography. Its very small (2.4µm) pixels are well-suited to very small targets such as planets, but its 1" sized sensor can give you a wide enough field of view for lunar imaging or some deep-space objects.

    The TEC cooling in the camera means you can get the long exposures that narrowband imaging requires while avoiding the build-up of noise or amp glow.

    Model QHY183M
    Sensor IMX183 BSI
    Sensor size category 1"
    Sensor dimensions 13.3 x 8.9 mm
    Pixel Size 2.4µm
    Pixel Array 5544 x 3694
    Total pixels 20 megapixels
    Frame rate @ max resolution 7.5
    Bit depth 12 bit
    Computer interface  USB 3.0
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