QHY 8L-C APS-C Cooled CCD Astro Imaging Camera - Colour

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    The QHY8L-PH is a 6 Megapixel camera with an APS-C size SONY CCD sensor. CCD sensors are intended for much longer exposures than their CMOS equivalents, enabling much greater response for the dimmest subjects.

    SONY's CCD sensors are noted for their low thermal noise. This is reduced even more in the QHY8L-PH by 2-stage TE cooling and thermal construction design. The QHY8L is able to cool to 40°C below the ambient temperature. This results in the production of very clean images even in exposures of 30 minutes to one hour.

    The QHY8L-PH also has very low read noise, typically 6 or 7e-. In a dark site it offers the user a simple and easy way to capture deep sky objects in full colour without filters. This results also in simpler post-processing work.

    The QHY8L-PH camera body has a diameter of only 63mm only, making it suited for Hyperstar or RASA imaging.

    Model QHY8L-PH
    Sensor ICX413AQ CCD
    Sensor size category APS-C
    Sensor dimensions 23.6 x 15.7 mm
    Pixel Size 7.8µm
    Pixel Array 3032 x 2016
    Total pixels 6.3 megapixels
    Frame rate @ max resolution
    Bit depth 16 bit
    Computer interface  USB 3.0
    More Information
    Sensor Type ICX413AQ
    Sensor Size APS-C
    Pixel Size 7.8µm
    Resolution 6.3MP (3032 x 2016)
    Colour / Monochrome Colour
    Back Focus 20mm
    USB 3.0
    Operating System Compatibility Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
    Cooled? Yes
    Usage Planetary Imaging, Deep Sky Imaging
    Camera Weight 400g
    Warranty Information 2 Years
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