QHY miniGuidescope with Mount

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The QHY miniGuidescope works as an autoguider with any QHY 5-II or QHY5-III series camera.


- Excellent guiding tool, efficient and compact

- Gives accurate and precise guiding

- Large field of view, finding guide stars easily

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    The QHY miniGuidescope with Mount is the Guide Scope you've been looking for.

    The QHY miniGuidescope is your choice to ensure accurate guiding for sharp images.

    When paired with a guide camera, this guide scope provides accurate guiding. With a short focal length of 130mm and a 30mm aperture (f/4.3), the QHY miniGuidescope works well well with SharpCap's polar align feature, especially since the fast focal ratio makes finding guide stars easy. This guidescope also easily matches auto-guiding software such as PHD2.

    And with a locakable focuser, the miniGuidescope allows you to lock the focus in after making fine adjustments.

    Note: Camera not included.


    QHYCCD: Astronomy Cameras

    QHY is a brand that produces world-leading astronomical cameras, ranging from entry-level to professional, from CMOS to CCD, they are specially crafted for amateur astronomers worldwide. QHY's star products include the revolutionary PoleMaster which enables accurate polar alignment in a matter of minutes, as well as a wide range of cameras, both cooled and not cooled, at a variety of resolutions and price-points.

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