QHY Off-Axis Guider - Large


Off axis guider includes:

  • OAG Large for 36x24, 37x37 and 48x36 sensors
  • Two M60 x 0.75 Adapters
  • Mounting Hardware

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    The QHY OAG comes in three versions to accommodate image sensors of various sizes. This is the "large" size.

    All QHY Off-Axis Guiders have the same main body, including the prism, but the telescope/camera interface is sized to accept thread adapters of different diameters. Regardless of the diameter of the interface, it has six (6) 3mm holes and, without adapters installed, a thickness of 10mm. Both the telescope side and camera side adapters have a thickness of 3mm. The final thickness of the OAG depends on whether you need to use just the telescope side thread adapter or both adapters.

    If you are using the large sized filter wheel (either QHYCFW2-L or QHYCFW3-L), for instance, it will connect directly to this large OAG. No camera side adapter will be required.

    The "large" version of the QHY OAG has a diameter of 68mm. It will work with cameras that have larger sensors, such as the QHY(IC)16803, which has a 37x37 sensor. Other suitable CCD sizes include 36.24 or 48x36, although the 50100, which has a 48x36 sensor, would require a special adapter, which is not included in this package.

    Table showing small, medium ang large OAGs

    Telescope Adapter Ring M42/0.75 M54/0.75 M60/0.75
    The circle diameter of six M3 screw location 54mm 62mm 68mm
    Suitable CCD SIZE 2/3inch APS-C 36x24mm
    1inch APS-H 37x37mm
    4/3 36x34mm 48x36mm
    Weight 127g 145g 149g
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