QHY Polemaster with Adapter

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  • Accurate polar alignment in under 5 minutes; to a degree of 30 arcseconds (better than most polar scopes)!
  • For use in both northern and sothern hemisphere with atmospheric refraction correction.
  • Perfect companion to single axis mounts
  • Monitor polar alignment in real time 
  • Enables GoTo 1-star alignment instead of 3-star alignment
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    Avoid the neck strain and back pain that when you try to polar align your telescope, the QHY PoleMaster is the perfect device for accurate polar alignment in under 5 minutes at the comfort of sitting on a chair and looking at your computer screen.

    Never worry again about your mount being knocked around, leading to a lengthy process of polar alignment again. This PoleMaster monitors your polar alignment in real time. Where the polar alignment is lost, it is extremely simple to bring it back without having to start from scratch.

    The PoleMaster offers an alignment accuracy not achievable by the naked eye. Having a resolution of 30arc second, the best polar alignment can be achieved is in the order of 30arc seconds.

    This device is easy to set up, it can be installed onto most equatorial mounts with mount- specific adapters and even on mounts without a polar scope

    With the use of PoleMaster, 3 star alignment on GoTo mounts is no longer needed. 1 star alignment is more than enough


    Field of view 11 degree*8 degree
    Resolution Approx 30arcsec
    Install method Three M3 screw to mount adapter
    Interface mini USB2.0
    Software QHYCCD PoleMaster Software
    Rough precision Approx 5arcminute
    High precision 30 arcsec
    Available adapters
    EQ6/AZEQ6  HEQ5  iOptonCEM60 ZEQ25/CEM25 iEQ45  iEQ30
    AZEQ5  Celestron AVX  CGEM 
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