QHY 128C Astronomy Camera - Colour

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    The QHY128C COLDMOS Astronomy Camera is a CMOS 14-bit camera used for astrophotography. It has 24 megapixels and a 35mm format. (36x24mm). Also, the sensor that this camera comes with - IMX128 has a wide range of over 14 stops. This is fantastic as the Ultra High Performance sensor has 1.8e- at high and a 4e- read noise at the lowest! The QHY128C has an efficient, different noise control technology in order to decrease any sensor noise to a very low value without comprising the quality of the raw image. This model also employs and produces the Zero Amplifier Glow without worrying about the length of the exposure. The camera also has Anti-Dew technology that is inbuilt in order to avoid any kind of moist or formation of dew on the sensor. This technology keeps the sensor and the sensory cover glass dry using the QHYCCD's silicone gel tube socket - maintaining the humidity within the sensor chamber. Also, this camera's results in great pictures as it is coated with AR+AR coating, this reduces any kind of hindrance while photographing such as halos that are created around bright stars. This results in fantastic, sharp and clear pictures!
    More Information
    Sensor Type IMX128
    Sensor Size Full Format 36mm x 24mm
    Pixel Size 5.97µm
    Resolution 24MP (6036 x 4028)
    Colour / Monochrome Colour
    FPS 5fps
    Back Focus 17.5mm
    USB 3.0
    Operating System Compatibility Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
    Cooled? Yes
    Usage Planetary Imaging, Deep Sky Imaging
    Camera Weight 788g
    Warranty Information 2 Years
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