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QHY 168C APS-C Cooled CMOS Astro Imaging Camera - Colour


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Cooled APS-C-sized astrophotography camera, suited for deep-space imaging.

The performance and specifications of this camera are similar to the QHY165C, but the analogue data is recorded with a 14-bit (16384 shades) resolution, higher than the QHY165C's 12-bit (4096 shade) resolution.

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The QHY168C is a popular APS-C format cooled color camera. The SONY Exmor IMX071 sensor has 4.8µm pixels and 2.3e- to 3.2e- read noise. This sensor was used in the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera. With read noise this low, it is easier to detect a dim target against of the background noise.

True RAW 14-bit

Many cameras claim to output RAW image files, but there is often still some internal processing performed on the image. This can have a negative effect on the image for astronomy such as the "star eater" effect. The QHY168C outputs TRUE RAW data, preserving the original data for maximum compatibility with astronomical imaging processing programs and other scientific imaging applications.

Noise Reduction Technology

In addition to dual stage TE cooling, QHYCCD implements proprietary technology in hardware to control the dark current noise in the QHY168C. As a result the dark current of this camera is a remarkable 0.0007e-/p/s at -15C.

Anti-reflection coatings and NIR sensitivity

The optic window is coatd on both sides with anti-reflection coatings. IR light is not excluded meaning that the cameras are highly sebnsitive to H-alpha and near IR. Alternatively, a simple IR blocking filter (L filter) can be attached for typical RGB imaging.

Anti-Dew Technology

The optic window has built-in dew heater and the sensor chamber is protected from internal humidity condensation.

128MB DDR Buffer

The QHY168C has a 128MB DDRII buffer. This can store more than one 72MB frame. Buffring inside the camera lowers the risk of data loss during downloading via USB 2.0 or to slow comptuers.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 23.8 x 15.8 mm
Pixel Size 4.8┬Ám
Resolution 4952 x 3288
Colour/Monochrome Colour
Frames per Second 10 FPS
A/D Conversion 14 bit
Back Focus Distance No
Power Requirement No
USB Connection USB 3.0
Cooling System Dual TEC
Recommended Use Deep space astronomical imaging
Weight 1
Warranty Information 2 years
Additional Specifications of Product No