Range Finder Guides

Range Finder Guide 

The main function of rangefinders is to provide an accurate estimate of a distance from the user to an object.  This information is beneficial and essential in some sports such as, golf and hunting. 

Golf Rangefinders : With a rangefinder in the course, you'd definitely boost your confidence. It gives you the knowledge of distance.  You'd want a compact and lightweight rangefinder that you can carry around.

Hunting rangefinders : Distance to a target is a very important piece of information to help you determine accuracy. A compact rangefinder with waterproof feature and rugged built will come in very handy during your hunt. 

There are 2 types of rangefinders based on technology.

Optical rangefinders - optical rangefinders estimate the distance to the target by sending out a light beam which reflects off the target. Rangefinder Electronics then measure the the response time and calculate the distance involved. To work there needs to be a clear line of sight to the target and good atmospheric conditions.

Laser rangefinders - laser rangefinders started as military tool. These days they are commonly used by general consumers. It uses laser beam to determine the distance to an object by measuring the time taken by the laser pulse to bounce off and return. This handy device is also used to quickly assess and measure the size of a room.