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Saxon F767AZ Newtonian Reflector Telescope

Product Review (submitted on 18 June 2016):

I bought this scope this afternoon and assembled it in the evening, without reading the instructions. It was easy.

The rain had stopped, the clouds were clearing and the moon was out, and very bright, so despite the cold and damp, I decided to check out the telescope and several of the accessories in the package. With the tripod legs retracted, the scope was easy to move thru the house and onto the driveway. I extended the legs and placed the telescopeand mount facing the moon.

The moon was easily located with the 25mm eye piece, without having to use the 5x24 finderscope. As expected, the moon was too bright, the moon filter soon fixed that. The moon was clear and sharp, and took up nearly the full image circle with the 25mm eyepiece. With the 12.5mm eyepiece, only see about 2/3rds of the moon was visible, but it gave great views of the craters and the "moon pole". The 4mm eyepiece gave very detailed views and the "moon rim" seemed like a "distant mountainous horizon". All 3 eyepieces gave clear, sharp views of the moon. The plastic containers for each eyepiece are very handy.

I used the 25mm eyepiece and the moon glow filter with 1.5x erecting extension and 3x barlow. This simulated 16.7mm and 8.3mm eyepieces, respectively. Both gave clear and sharp views. The 1.5x erecting extension, the 3x barlow and the 5 x24 finderscope, all worked as expected.