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Celestron SkyMaster 25x70 Astronomy Binoculars

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Celestron SkyMaster 25x70 Astronomy Binoculars

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Product Review (submitted on 26 November 2016):
I can only compare this to two other binoculars I've used 10x25 (compact) and 8x40. night sky wise these outperform the previous two mainly due to increased aperture which brightens faint star clusters to a viewable target which smaller size lenses failed to do.
Orion nebula appears as two stars surrounded by a faint mist. Jupiter appears as a bright star/orb of aboration surrounded by four pin point stars (4 major moons)
Venus is very aborated not allowing any detailed views.
Mars looks the same as with the naked eye (slightly brighter naturally)
Pleiades become clearer/sharper.
(Saturn was non observable at this time)
The moon is bright and craters are pronounced along the crescent shadow line.
I have steady hands which make it ok to scan the sky with, propping the elbows on a car top, fence, mailbox increases stability of image same with resting the binoculars on a fence top for more detailed viewing. A tripod was not necessary for ME. I felt using a tripod takes away the point of having binoculars as a very portable/versatile instrument.
Daytime viewing is fine, I could read carpark terms of entry from approx 80-100m away when resting the binoculars on a low wall. Overhead planes can be identified by there tail logos.
Horizontal collimation was off limiting the FOV to approx 85% on this particular model.
Overall a decent instrument for portable star gazing mainly due to its 70mm lenses.
(All viewing was done in light polluted suburbia)
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