Saxon 1.25-inch Erect Image Diagonal -90 Degrees

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    The Saxon 1.25" Erect Image Diagonal (90 degrees) is sure to be a lifesaver for astronomers who want comfort during their observation sessions. An Erect Image diagonal is a handy accessory that is attached to the eyepiece to allow the observer to observe from an angle perpendicular to the eyepiece and corrects mirrored views that you will normally get with catadioptric telescopes. With its 90 degree angle viewing, this is perfect for gazing at planetary and celestial objects that are directly overhead in which neck strain is a common issue, or if you simply wanted to be positioned in a more comfortable position. 

    The Saxon 1.25" Erect Image Diagonal (90 Degrees) fits into all 1.25" focusers and accepts all standard 1.25" eyepieces.

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    The Saxon brand commits to quality and research. The company develops a range of binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and accessories with the understanding of its user’s priorities and needs. Saxon has built each product around the knowledge that everyone’s viewing requirements are different, proven through each precise and well though out product line. Browse a range of Saxon optical products and you'll find that every glass has been designed to help every viewer see only the best in every situation

    Product Code: SAX-515020

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