Saxon 3 Megapixel Digital Microscope Camera -USB

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The Saxon 3MP Digital Microscope Imager with USB connectivity is the perfect way to step into the world of microscope photography.

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    Explore and capture the microscopic world on your computer or a big screen.

    The Saxon 3 Megapixel Digital Microscope Camera -USB gives you the perfect opportunity to take incredible microscopic photographs. With the included 30mm and 30.5mm adapter tubes and a max resolution of 2048x1536, this camera allows for high-quality images and recordings of specimens and anything else you observe under any microscope with standard sized eyepieces.



    Image Pickup Device Aptina Mt9T001 CMOS (Colour)
    Scan Mode Progressive
    Max. Resolution 2048 x 1536 (Approx. 3,200,000 pixels)
    Sensor Size 1/2" (6.55mm(H)x4.92mm(V), Diagonal 8.19mm)
    Pixel Size 3.2μm x 3.2μm
    G Sensitivity 1.0V/lux-sec (550nm)
    Dynamic Range 61dB
    A/D Converter 10-bit, 8-bit RGB to PC
    SN Ratio 43dB
    Spectral Range 380-560nm (with IR-filter)
    Video Format and Frame Rate 8fps@2048x1536, 22fps@1024x768, 43fps@680x510
    Binning 1x1, 2x2, 3x3
    Exposure 0.128ms~2000ms, ROI Auto & Manual
    White Balance ROI White Balance/Manual Temp-Tint Adjustment
    Colour Rendering Technique Ultra Fine Colour Engine
    Peak Quantum Efficiency 35%
    Radout Noise N/A
    Extinction Ratio N/A
    Smear N/A
    Capture/Control API Native C/C++ SDK, DirectShow, Twain
    Recording System Still Picture, Movie


    Optimum Operating Range

    Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
    Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
    Operating Humidity 30~80%RH
    Storage Humidity 10~60%RH
    Power Supply DC 5V over PC USB Port


    Software Requirements

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
    Mac OS X

    PC Requirements CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or higher
    Memory: 2GB or more
    USB Port: USB2.0 High-speed port
    Display: 17" or larger
    CD drive for installation


    What's in the Box?

    • 1x saxon 3MP Digital Imager
    • 1x USB Cable
    • 1x Digital Camera Solution Disk
    • 1x Micrometer Slides (Used to measure the specimen and adjust the field of view)
    • 1x Adapter (Fits 30mm and 30.5mm)


    Saxon - High Quality Optics

    The Saxon brand commits to quality and research. The company develops a range of binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and accessories with the understanding of its user’s priorities and needs. Saxon has built each product around the knowledge that everyone’s viewing requirements are different, proven through each precise and well though out product line. Browse a range of Saxon optical products and you'll find that every glass has been designed to help every viewer see only the best in every situation.

    Product Code: SAX-310403

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