saxon 50mm Guidescope with Helical Focuser

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    This compact 50mm Guide scope is perfect to use on your autoguiding setup. The helical focuser is smooth and makes it easy to focus on your guide stars.

    It has a t-thread as well as a 1.25" eyepiece holder so you can use either a puck-sized ZWO guide camera such as an ASI120MM-S or a smaller-format camera such as an ASI120MM-mini or QHY 5L-II-M.

    The guidescope attaches to the telescope using a standard dovetail mounting plate, you can simply remove your finderscope after your sky alignment and replace it with the guide scope.

    The saxon 50mm Guidescope features the following:

    • 50mm of aperture.
    • 190mm focal length and focal ratio of 3.8.
    • Non-rotating helical focuser mechanism, to prevent your guiding camera from rotating.
    • Compact and lightweight guidescope to avoid differential flexure on your guiding.
    • Dual mounting rings with three delrin-tipped alignment screws per ring.
    • 3.5” (89mm) long dovetail mounting bar.
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