Saxon Animals Biological Microscope Prepared Slides -50pcs

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Expect to spend hours upon hours fascinated by the microscopic world with the Saxon Animals Biological Microscope Prepared Slides kit, containing 50 various animal specimen samples.

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    The Saxon Animal Biological Microscope Prepared Slides (50pc) offers 50 variations of animal samples that will leave you fascinated for hours on end. For curious minds of all ages, students, parents and children alike, learn about microorganisms, cells and more by observing these slides under a biological microscope. It comes in a hard carry case for portability and protection against unwanted dust that will damage your slides.

    We also stock 50pc plant or 100pc plant, animal and bacteria prepared slides kits.


    What's in the Kit?

    Saxon Prepared Slides Specimens List
    1 Mouth Cell 26 Male and female Ascarid C.S
    2 Single ply squamous epithelium W.M 27 Daphnia W.M
    3 Stratified squamous spithelium sec 28 Hydra L.S
    4 Skeletal muscle L.S and C.S 29 Planaria W.M injected digestive system
    5 Smooth muscles C.S 30 Hydra budding the whole W.M.
    6 Cardiac Muscle L.S 31 Paramecium W.M
    7 Lung vascular injection Sec 32 Hydra C.S Through spermary
    8 Lymph node Sec 33 Hydra C.S Through ovary
    9 Blood of frog smear 34 Housefly Wing W.M
    10 Blood smear mammal 35 Butterfly squama W.M
    11 Stomach paries Sec 36 Housefly foot
    12 Frog blastula Sag Sec 37 Honey bee third pair of Legs W.M
    13 Human hair follicle Sec 38 Spinal cord C.S
    14 Artery and vein vascular C.S 39 Small intestine Sec
    15 Reins L.S 40 Earthworm C.S
    16 Ovary Sec 41 Tongue L.S (cat or dog) show filiform papilla
    17 Bladder Sec 42 Dense connective tissue (Tendon L.S)
    18 Sperm smear 43 Laxity connective tissue
    19 Motor nerve Cell W.M 44 Ciliation spithelium Sec
    20 Tapeworm mature progiottid W.M 45 Frog egg 2.cell Sec
    21 Frog cleavage Sag Sec 46 Insect compound eye W.M
    22 Honey bee mouth parts W.M 47 Taste bud Sec (Rabbit)
    23 Butterfly mouth parts W.M 48 Nervous tissue Sec
    24 Housefly mouth parts W.M  49 Eye worm tissue
    25 Home mosquito female mouth parts W.M 50 Large intestine


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