Saxon AstroSeeker 13065N Smartphone Astrophotography Bundle

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Save big and capture the cosmos with the saxon Smartphone Astrophotography Bundle - Exclusive Deal

This Smartphone Astrophotography Bundle includes a saxon Astroseeker 13065N Reflector Telescope ($999.00), the saxon Portable Multipurpose Power Supply Station 42Ah ($319.95), a saxon ScopePix 3S Smartphone Adapter ($49.95) and a saxon 12v 5A Australia AC Power Adapter ($52.95) for only $1299.00! That's 15% off our normal sale price! What a deal! Deal ends June 30th 2024 or while stocks last!


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    Whether you're a beginner or an intermedia astronomer, the Saxon AstroSeeker 13065N Reflector Telescope is here to impress.


    • 130mm aperture
    • 650mm focal length
    • Astroseeker Mount with Steel Tripod
    • Includes 2 eyepieces: 10mm and 25mm and Red Dot Finder
    • SynScan database of 42,900 celestial objects
    • Wi-Fi Enabled
    • Already pre-threaded to accept T2 Adapters


    With an aperture of 130mm and a focal length of 650mm, this computerised telescope is here to ensure image sharpness, making it a great way to study the craters of the Moon, the moons on Jupiter, Saturns rings and many more!

    Since the Saxon AstroSeeker 13065 is fully computerised with it's pre installed 42,900+ database, you definitely won't run out of things to look at. You can even use your smartphone to control it - it's now Wi-Fi Enabled! Simply download the SynScan app to begin. It is here to save your time and frustration so you can spend ours enjoying the views of your favourite celestial objects.

    For astrophotography purposes, you can simply connect your DSLR with the telescope with a T-adapter or a T-ring (not included). You can also choose an astro camera for taking photos so you can also please the crowd with impressive pictures of the sky.


    Included in th bundle 

    saxon Portable Multipurpose Power Supply Station 42Ah saxon Portable Multipurpose Power Supply Station 42Ah
    The Saxon Lightweight Multi-Purpose Power Station is a versatile and robust off-grid power solution tailored to meet the demands of adventurers and travelers alike. 
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    saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter 3s
    Capture images through your telescope on your smartphone using the ScopePix Smartphone Adapter 3s. Perfect for getting started with astrophotography!
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    saxon 12v 5A Australia AC Power Adapter saxon 12v 5A Australia AC Power Adapter
    Supply your computerised telescope with a constant voltage with a 12V 5A power adapter. Reduces issues due to insufficient/dropping voltage that may occur with standard AA batteries (if applicable).
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