Saxon Dichroscope Magnifier

The Saxon Dichroscope Magnifier is a must-have tool for all gemstone collectors and jewellers to differentiate the fake and real gemstones!
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    The Saxon Calcite Dichroscope Magnifier is a must-have tool for all gemstone collectors and jewellers. To identify fake, synthetic gemstones from the real, the Saxon Calcite Dichroscope Magnifier will be able to reveal the invisible wavelengths that are produced from real gemstones so we can observe them.

    To use, simply hold your gem securely and fix the dichroscope magnifier over it. Refer to the table below to identify the correct emissions for your gem.

    Stone with strong dichroism
    Ruby Red, yellow red
    Sapphire blue, blue-green
    Yellow Sapphire yellow, yellow white
    Green Sapphire green, olive green
    Purple Sapphire purple, violet blue
    Navy blue sapphire blue, blue white
    Blue Topaz Blue, light blue
    Orange Topaz Orange, pale yellow
    Chrysoberyl Brown yellow, pale yellow
    Alexandrite Green, red
    Tourmaline Dark, tint
    Zoisite Dark blue, purple
    Stones with less dichroism
    Emerald green, olive green
    Beryl Weak difference in colour
    Zircon Weak difference in colour
    Peridot Olive, pale yellow
    Rose Quartz Pink, baby pink
    Amethyst Purple, light purple
    Stones without dichroism
    Diamond, natural or synthetic spinel, kinds of garnets, cubic zirconia, glass, YAG

    Product Code: SAX-332207

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