Saxon GSM 20x-40x Gemological Microscope


With variable magnification and LED reflected and transmitted illumination, the Saxon GSM 20x-40x Gemological Microscope is the perfect microscope to get you started in the study of gems and stones.

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    The Saxon GSM 20x-40x Gemological Microscope is designed for observing gems and jewels, with the darkfield condition allowing for greater detail and contrast of the glistening jewels being observed. Great for trade shows, demonstrations, gemological clubs and home use, the Saxon GSM 20x-40x Gemological Stereo Microscope can be powered through AC power or through batteries (3x AA).

    Featuring two magnification levels (20x and 40x), a binocular head design and reflected and transmitted LED illumination, the Saxon GSM 20x-40x Gemological Microscope is the perfect introduction to gemology.


    Microscope Type Gemological Stereo
    Eyepiece WF10X
    Magnification Range 20X, 40X
    Objectives 2x, 4x
    Field of View  10.0mm & 5.0mm
    Working Distance 76mm
    Illumination  LED reflected & transmitted
    Head Type Binocular
    Focus Coarse
    Condenser Darkfield and Light field
    Stage Type Black/White Contrast Plate, Frosted Glass
    Stand Pillar
    Power Supply  AC Power or 3x AA Batteries (not included)
    Weight 2.0kg
    Warranty 3 Years Limited


    What's in the Box

    • 1x Saxon GSM 20x-40x Gemological Microscope
    • 1x WF10x Eyepiece (pair)
    • 1x Rubber eyecups (pair)
    • 1x Glass Stage Plate
    • 1x Dark Field Condenser
    • 1x Black/White Contrast Plate
    • 1x AC adapter
    • 1x Dust Cover


    Saxon - High Quality Optics
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    Product Code: SAX-314007

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