Saxon Jadeite Filter

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    The Saxon Jadeite Filter is a convenient gemmological tool for any gem collectors, jewellers or hobbyists. It is used for distinguishing between real and synthetic jades, and other blue or green gemstones. Jades, by nature, emit a yellow-green wavelength at around 570nm when a bright white light is shone upon it. Synthetic jades however will show different patterns, such as the Synthetic Blue Spinel (a common dye found in replicas or fakes) would emit a deep red wavelength instead.

    With the Saxon Jadeite Filter, never be fooled by the colours of the stone ever again. Use the Saxon Jadelite Filter to be wary of the stone.

    The Saxon Jadeite Filter comes in a leather carrying case for protection. Makes for a great gift idea for jewellers and gem collectors. This filter comes with a 3 Years Limited Warranty.

    Product Code: SAX-332200

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