Saxon Plants Biological Microscope Prepared Slides -50pcs

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Expect to spend hours upon hours fascinated by the microscopic world with the Saxon Plants Biological Microscope Prepared Slides kit, containing 50 various plant specimen samples.

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    The Saxon Plants Biological Microscope Prepared Slides -50pcs kit offers 50 variations of plant samples that will leave you fascinated for hours on end. For curious minds of all ages, students, parents and children alike, learn about plant cells and structures by observing these slides under a biological microscope. It comes in a hard carry case for portability and protection against unwanted dust that will damage your slides.

    We also have 50pc animal or 100pc plant, animal and bacteria prepared slides kits.


    What's in the Kit?

    Saxon Prepared Slides Specimens List
    1 Plant root tip L.S (corn) 26 Plasmodesma Sec.
    2 Young root tip C.S (broad bean) 27 Plant mitosis Sec. (Onion Root Tip) 
    3 Cabbage L.S (Hydrilla Verti cillata) 28 Meiosis of plant Sec. 
    4 Cushaw Stem C.S 29 Fern Leaf Sec
    5 Cushaw Stem L.S 30 Fern young sporophyte W.M
    6 Pine stem L.S 31 Fern prothallium W.M
    7 Monocotyledon 32 Sunflower Stem L.S 
    8 Dicotyledon stem C.S. (sunflower) 33 Fern leaf W.M
    9 Woody dicotyledon stem C.S 34 Lily ovarian Sec 
    10 Broad bean Leaf epidermis W.M 35 Lily anther Sec. sporophyte W.M
    11 Wheat leaf C.S 36 Umbrella mushroom Sec
    12 Lilac leaf C.S 37 Pickpurse young embryo Sec
    13 Cotton leaf C.S 38 Pickpurse mature embryo Sec
    14 Cotton Stem C.S 39 Volvox W.M
    15 Dogbane leaf 40 Chlamy domonas W.M
    16 Corn seed L.S 41 Spirogyra conjungation
    17 Wheat seed L.S 42 Asoergillus W.M
    18 Epidermal cell Onion W.M 43 Penicillium W.M
    19 Corn Stem L.S 44 Actinomyces W.M
    20 Suber cell Sec 45 Yeasts W.M
    21 Lichens Sec 46 Root monocotyledon C.S
    22 Moss antheridium L.S  47 Pine stem C.S
    23 Moss Archegonial L.S 48 Bacterial three types Smear
    24 Moss protonema W.M 49 Bark radical mould W.M
    25 Pine Leaf C.S 50 Pollen germinate W.M


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