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Saxon Plants Biological Microscope Prepared Slides (50pcs)

SKU: SAX-310006

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The Saxon Plants Biological Microscope Prepared Slides (50pcs) is a great starter kit to complement a biological microscope. With 50 prepacked plant samples, you will find yourself immersed in the world of plant microscopy.

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The Saxon Plants Biological Microscope Prepared Slides (50pcs) comes prepackaged with a rare mix of 50 plant sample slides that is well equipped to offer lasting entertainment in curious scientists of all ages. With 50 prepared slides, you will be exploring a new world of plant cells in impeccable detail and will be a great foundation to creating your own personalised slides in the future. This slides kit comes in a sturdy hard carry case and is completely brand new, free from contamination. 


1. Plant root tip L.S (corn) 11. Wheat leaf C.S 21. Lichens Sec 31. Fern prothallium W.M 41. Spirogyra conjungation
2. Young root tip C.S (broad bean) 12. Lilac leaf C.S 22. Moss antheridium L.S  32. Sunflower Stem L.S  42. Asoergillus W.M
3. Cabbage L.S (Hydrilla Verti cillata) 13. Cotton leaf C.S 23. Moss Archegonial L.S 33. Fern leaf W.M 43. Penicillium W.M
4. Cushaw Stem C.S 14. Cotton Stem C.S 24. Moss protonema W.M 34. Lily ovarian Sec  44. Actinomyces W.M
5. Cushaw Stem L.S 15. Dogbane leaf 25. Pine Leaf C.S 35. Lily anther Sec. sporophyte W.M 45. Yeasts W.M
6. Pine stem L.S 16. Corn seed L.S 26. Plasmodesma Sec. 36. Umbrella mushroom Sec 46. Root monocotyledon C.S
7. Monocotyledon 17. Wheat seed L.S 27. Plant mitosis Sec. (Onion Root Tip)  37. Pickpurse young embryo Sec 47. Pine stem C.S
8. Dicotyledon stem C.S. (sunflower) 18. Epidermal cell Onion W.M 28. Meiosis of plant Sec.  38. Pickpurse mature embryo Sec 48. Bacterial three types Smear
9. Woody dicotyledon stem C.S 19. Corn Stem L.S 29. Fern Leaf Sec 39. Volvox W.M 49. Bark radical mould W.M
10. Broad bean Leaf epidermis W.M 20. Suber cell Sec 30. Fern young sporophyte W.M 40. Chlamy domonas W.M 50. Pollen germinate W.M

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Product Code: SAX-310006

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