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The Saxon Scopepix Smartphone Adapter 3s allows images to be taken with ease.


- Attaches to most Telescopes, Binoculars and Microscope eyepieces

- Compatible with most smartphones including the Apple iPhone and Android phones

- Includes a rechargeable Bluetooth Smartphone Camera Shutter (remote)

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    The days of holding your phone up over your eyepiece is over.

    The Saxon Scopepix Smartphone Adapter 3s allows images to be taken with ease. The ingenious phone mount is compatible with Telescopes, Binoculars and Microscopes, and works by clamping over an eyepiece to capture images through your optical device. This makes the Scopepix 3s a great accessory for quick-and-easy astronomical, terrestrial or microscopic imagery!


    Includes an all-new and upgraded Bluetooth Smartphone Camera Shutter.

    The Saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter 3s is the successor to the well-acclaimed Saxon Scopepix Smartphone Adapter 2s. Featuring an new-and-improved, rechargeable Bluetooth Smartphone Camera Shutter (or remote), the Scopepix 3s prevents those unwanted vibrations that can make photography with other smartphone adapters a pain.

    That's right - use the included Bluetooth Smartphone Camera Shutter to remotely activate your phone's camera to take a photo without touching your phone!


    Compatible with most devices.

    The all-new Saxon Scopepix Smartphone Adapter 3s fits onto most telescope, binocular and microscope eyepieces, and is adjustable to suit most standard smartphones including both the Apple iPhone and Android phones. 

    No Third-Party Smartphone App is required - simply pair with your phone's bluetooth and open your phone's native camera app.  How easy!


    About saxon - High Quality Optics

    The Saxon brand commits to quality and research. The company develops a range of binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and accessories with the understanding of its user’s priorities and needs. Saxon has built each product around the knowledge that everyone’s viewing requirements are different, proven through each precise and well though out product line. Browse a range of Saxon optical products and you'll find that every glass has been designed to help every viewer see only the best in every situation.

    Product Code: SAX-645012

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