Saxon Telescope WiFi Adapter

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    The saxon Telescope Wi-Fi Adapter featuring:

    • 15 Languages which include of English, Simplify Chinese, Japanese, Italiano, Portugues, and more.
    • Alignment which include of Polar Alignment, Bright Star, One Star, Two Stars and Three Stars alignment.
    • GoTo and tracking by selecting the desired object from the 42,000 object list.
    • Point and Go function to simplify the process of hunting the desired object.
    • 8 direction buttons to adjust your telescope to desired position.

    This must have adapter compatible with the below computerized mounts:

    • AstroSeeker/ Star Discovery
    • AZ GT/ Star Explorer
    • GoTo Dobsonian
    • EQ3 GoTo
    • EQ5 GoTo
    • HEQ5 Pro
    • AZ-EQ5 GT Pro
    • NEQ6 Pro
    • AZ-EQ6 GT Pro
    • EQ8 Pro
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