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Saxon Telescope WiFi Adapter

SKU: SAX-624001

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The saxon Telescope Wi-Fi Adapter that allows you to control your telescope with your smartphone, iPad, tablet or other portable devices.

The SynScan Pro app can be download to your portable devices from Google Play or Apple App Store. The Point and Go function streamline the process of locating objects in the sky. Simply point your portable devices to the desired object, press the button, and your telescope will be slewing to the object.

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The saxon Telescope Wi-Fi Adapter featuring:

  • 15 Languages which include of English, Simplify Chinese, Japanese, Italiano, Portugues, and more.
  • Alignment which include of Polar Alignment, Bright Star, One Star, Two Stars and Three Stars alignment.
  • GoTo and tracking by selecting the desired object from the 42,000 object list.
  • Point and Go function to simplify the process of hunting the desired object.
  • 8 direction buttons to adjust your telescope to desired position.

This must have adapter compatible with the below computerized mounts:

  • AstroSeeker/ Star Discovery
  • AZ GT/ Star Explorer
  • GoTo Dobsonian
  • EQ3 GoTo
  • EQ5 GoTo
  • HEQ5 Pro
  • AZ-EQ5 GT Pro
  • NEQ6 Pro
  • AZ-EQ6 GT Pro
  • EQ8 Pro

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Additional Information

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