Optics Central Service Centre

Optics Central Service Centre

NOTE: Unfortunately, OpticsCentral is not currently accepting non-warranty repairs for rifle scopes at this time. This page will be updated when we can start accepting them again. Stay tuned!

Do you have an old telescope or binoculars in need for repair or general servicing? Most astronomers and birdwatchers would agree that telescopes and binoculars require more TLC than they have given them. Whether it's a missing eyecup from your recent trek in Africa, to a general servicing to keep them in prime condition, our in-house team or partners will bring your binoculars or telescope back to life.

OpticsCentral is an authorised dealer of many international Optics brands. For most of these authorised brands, our team may have access to spare parts. These brands include Zeiss, Leica, Steiner, Vanguard, Celestron, Kowa, Vortex and more! See our brands for more information. If you are looking for a particular spare part from a listed brand, please contact our Service Team.

For information on microscope repairs, click here.




Optics Central Service Centre

Warranty Repairs

Subject to manufacturer warranty.  

Non-Warranty Repairs & Services

Collimation - Newtonian Reflector
From $80

Collimation - Schmidt-Cassegrain / Mak / Bird-Jones Reflector
From $200

Non-Warranty Repairs
Charged at $80/billable hour (Min. Charge $80)

Spare Parts
Upon availability


Is my item under warranty?

All items purchased on www.opticscentral.com.au or from our Mitcham showroom location are subject to a returns period and limited-warranty period for our Brands. For manufacturer warranty duration, please refer to the table below. This list is constantly being updated.  

saxon Optics

5 Years

Binoculars / Spotting Scopes / Monoculars:
3 Years

Microscopes / Magnifiers:
3 Years

Telescope Accessories:
3 Years

3 Years

Weather Station:
1 Year

Skywatcher Logo

5 Years

Zeiss logo

Terra ED: 2 Years
Conquest HD: 10 Years
Victory SF: 10 Years
Victory HT 10 Years
Victory RF: 10 Years

Celestron Logo  All Celestron products are covered by a 2 Year Warranty. 

Bushnell Logo

Powerview: 1 Year
H2O: 2 Years
Marine:1 Year
Spectator Sport / Permafocus: 1 Year
Natureview: 2 Years
Trophy: 2 Years
Legacy: 1 Year
Prime: Lifetime
Engage: Lifetime
Forge: Lifetime

Spotting Scopes
Trophy: Lifetime

Night Vision
1 Year


Vortex Logo

Most Vortex products carry an international, transferable, VIP Lifetime Warranty.

Binoculars: Lifetime
Spotting Scopes:Lifetime
Monoculars: Lifetime
Rifle scopes: Lifetime
Red Dot: Lifetime
Rangefinders: Lifetime
Tripods: Lifetime

HikMicro Logo

Night Vision

Device: 3 Years
Sensor: 10 Years


Night Vision

3 Years


Night Vision

3 Years


Most manufacturer warranties cover manufacturer defects that prevent you from using the item as intended or described, without any extraordinary circumstances or impact to the product. 


I am having an issue with my item. It is within the warranty period. What can I do?

OpticsCentral takes care of all warranty claims for all online orders on www.opticscentral.com.au and in-store orders sold at our Mitcham showroom. You can lodge a request by initiating the process below. 

Step 1: Contacting Our Team

First, contact our Service Team with a written description of the fault, your original tax invoice or order number and please send us the picture of the condition of the item that needs repair. Images will enable us to estimate the severity of the damage and whether or not you can actually fix them yourself at home. Once we have received your email, our team will get back to you with an invitation to send in your order. Please ensure that you contact us first before you send it in. 

Step 2: Sending Your Item

Once your email has been received, we will send you a confirmation email saying that your service request is received. You may then send your item to us for warranty claim.

Please ship all repairs to:

Optics Central Service Team
8/23 Cook Road, 
Mitcham, VIC, 3132

Please ensure to bubble wrap your item very, very carefully. Optics are very fragile and require sufficient protection for travel. We recommend 4-5 layers of bubblewrap and a box for binoculars without its original box for safe travel. OpticsCentral is not accountable for any transit damage due to poor packaging. For telescopes, please ensure that they are packaged in the original box or a protected box. Better yet, drop it into our showroom in person!

Step 3: Assessing Your Item

Once the item is received at our warehouse, our Service Team will undergo a warranty/repair assessment.

If the fault is confirmed, your item will either be repaired in-house or for more complicated procedures, shipped to the relevant partner to conduct the repair. Unfortunately, there may be extended turnaround times for items that must be shipped to the relevant Company for repairs which vary based on the severity of the repair and the brand of the item. This is beyond our control. However, we will always work to minimise unnecessary handling time with us so you get your item back as quickly as possible! There will be no charge for confirmed warranty claims. 

If no fault is found, your item will be shipped back to you and you will be charged for return shipping (estimated at $20 for Metro areas) and an assessment and handling fee of $30. 

We will contact you with the outcome of this assessment. 

Step 4: Repairing Your Item

We will then take care of your repair in-house or ship it to the relevant Company. Please note that repairs may take upwards of 3-4 weeks depending on the extent of the damage or service required and is beyond our control. Particularly applies for repairs that must be shipped internationally to be fixed by the official Repairs team for that brand. Please anticipate up to 3 months in rare occasions!

Step 5: Collection or Shipping of Your Item

Once the repair is complete and returned to our store, our staff will contact you to arrange shipment or collection. A shipping fee will apply for items that need to be shipped out. These vary based on the weight and size of your binoculars but would cost roughly $20 to Metro suburbs. A tracking number will then be supplied and then you just have to wait for your binoculars to arrive in optimal condition in the mail!


I have a Microscope that needs to be repaired, serviced or cleaned and it is out of warranty. Can you help?

Certainly! To see what Microscope services we offer, click here.


Terms of Work

All repairs are subject to our Terms of Work


Warranty Period

All non-warranty repairs come with a 30 day warranty, unless otherwise specified. All completed repairs will be returned with a Repair Order Form detailing the work completed.

If you have any questions or queries at all, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our team members! Our contact details can be found here.


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